Executive Search

We will find and address to the best people in the market for you

Executive Search is a specialized method of direct searching and contacting highly qualified people in management and executive positions and on highly specialized posts. It includes market research of positions and candidates in relevant companies, preparing a Long List and presenting it to the client, contacting candidates in a discreet way, identifying the effective incentives of the potential candidates, assessing the nominees by using competency based interviews, proceeding the most suitable candidates to a Short List, arranging the selection process on the client’s behalf, and obtaining references in a discreet manner.

By using the Executive Search service, you will obtain:

  • contacting 100% of suitable candidates in the job market within 1 month
  • overview of the market with regards to the specific job role
  • direct and discreet communication with all suitable candidates in the market
  • reduction of the overall search time to 3 months
  • relevant references of the selected candidates in a written form

We offer our services in the segments of sales and marketing, finance, pharmacy and healthcare, IT and telecommunications, production and logistics.

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